Being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease can be scary. On one hand, you are thankful to have answers. But, you have something considered incurable. For many autoimmune diseases, progression can slow down with healthy lifestyle habits. This includes eating right, losing weight, regular exercise, and the use of supplements.

It can be intimidating to try to figure it out on your own. There are common mistakes made along the way too. The reason for this is there isn’t a one size fits all concept to follow. A health coach can help you design a plan of action for your own needs. They will take your autoimmune disease into consideration. Also, they will help you engage in a lifestyle that is healthy for your mind and your body.


While there are several different autoimmune diseases, they have common factors. The body is attacking itself. The biggest cause of this is inflammation, where parts of the body are prone to swelling. This can create pain that is hard to ignore. Breaking that cycle of inflammation will reduce the pain and help you have a better quality of life.

A health coach can help you identify the causes of your inflammation. It may be due to extra weight creating pressure on the joints or other areas of the body. Foods you consume or lifestyle habits such as smoking can increase inflammation. Your health coach can help identify the causes and then help you make positive changes.

Self-care is essential with an autoimmune disease. Yet many feel guilty when they focus on their needs. They feel like time and attention are better focused on their family and their job. In reality, you can’t help anyone else when you don’t take care of your own needs. A health coach will help you change your mindset and create priorities. You may need to change your lifestyle to reduce stress, to get more rest, and to focus on taking care of your needs.

Remove Toxins

With the help of a health coach, you can identify toxins in your daily habits. There may be ingredients in the products you shower with or the foods you consume. Those toxins can increase inflammation and pain levels. They can result in chronic fatigue and the inability to sleep well. Additionally, they can be an underlying cause of depression and weight gain. Evaluating your habits and eliminating toxins clears a path for a healthier you!

Diet and Meal Planning

The foods you consume play a role in how the body responds when you have an autoimmune disease. For example, eating foods high in antioxidants helps to reduce inflammation. A health coach can help you with meal planning, portion control, and finding recipes to try. Eating a variety of delicious foods that are good for you will help you feel better than before. You don’t have to eat food that tastes terrible though! Importantly, make sure you watch what you drink as many items are full of sugar and empty calories. Replace them with water which will help to flush out toxins.

When you change what you eat, your energy level is going to increase. This helps you accomplish your goals for the day. It can help your mind focus too so you can concentrate and get more done in less time. Eating healthy means you don’t get hungry as often and you will naturally eat less. Ultimately, this can help you with your weight loss goals.


It may seem impossible right now to exercise when you have an autoimmune disease. Yet doing so is a big part of feeling better. Exercise is good for the mind and body. It helps improve circulation, reduce stress, and reduce inflammation. Your health coach can help you find the right exercises for your body and your level of pain.

Many forms of exercise are low impact. This includes swimming and yoga. They are ideal to start with. As your fitness improves and you experience a reduction in pain levels, consider additional forms of exercise. They will help you find ways to burn calories, stay active, and have fun!

Find the Balance

An autoimmune disease doesn’t have to control your future! However, it can’t be ignored. Working with a qualified health coach can help you gather information, do what is best for you, and see positive results. You can modify your plan of action with time too. Communicate with your coach so they can make necessary changes. Reach out today to speak with a health coach who can help you make healthier choices. With their help, you can live your life to the fullest!