Fibromyalgia is on the rise in our country. More and more so, I’m seeing on my networking sites about testimonies with how the 30 Days to Healthy program has helped Fibromyalgia. I decided to write up my testimony and have sent it to over 20 people in just the past month or so. I’m so glad my testimony is helping others change their ways and is leading others to live a more “clean” life! Here it is:

Fibromyalgia Testimony

Hello, I’m Michelle Cox and I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2012 at the age of 26. So many things help me get through my day – I have been in “remission” for 3 years now and my doctor has me come and give talks to his new patients to show them that there is a way to still be normal and function just like everyone else.

After debilitating pain, partial paralysis, unable to get out of bed, sleeping 18+ hours a day… I now:

  • Compete in amateur ballroom dancing
  • Run my own health & wellness business
  • Own a growing and successful Limited Liability Corporation in California that I work daily in which I am constantly on the go (pet sitting and dog walking)
  • Planned my entire wedding with my mom and mother in law and had the wedding – all with no flare ups!

The biggest thing is being properly diagnosed – so many doctors now a days just claim “Fibro” but it may not be, only treating the underlying systems and not the disease as a whole. Some tests that must be done to rule out other diseases is:

  • Lupus Panel (be prepared, it’s over 20 vials of blood)
  • Multiple Sclerosis (spinal tap procedure)
  • Nerve electric conductivity survey (yup, shooting electricity directly into your muscle nerves to test response times)

If all these come out negative – then you probably have Fibro! If you haven’t done these – then you need to, as no doctor should be treating you without these results, or you don’t truly have Fibro.

Why 30 Days to Healthy Living?

The 30 Days to Healthy program is GREAT for people with Fibromyalgia. The probiotics and digestive enzymes are needed to help treat the common issue of IBS with Fibro. I have had a great deal of relief, as IBS was my top underlying symptom of Fibro. And don’t forget the Fiber! Once your body starts detoxing off all the bad food and carbs, your pain will start decreasing as well. Fibromyalgia is an inflammatory disease… carbs and toxins build up and cause inflammation. Once you are off the carbs and the sugar, you with have a clearer mind and be able to focus more (sluggishness and tiredness in Fibromyalgia is called Fibro Fog – trust me – mine was horrible!). The drink sticks help so much with keeping me active. Unfortunately with running my own business I had no choice – I had to get healthy and not let me Fibro get to me otherwise it would take my company down. When I’m walking pups the vitamin chews are a perfect little snack! And the detox tea is AMAZING! I have to drink mine in the morning due to flushing out the kidneys and liver, but I don’t even miss the coffee anymore! And I used to drink 3 cups a day – another acidic food messing with my digestive system!

Do I have bad days? Yes. Do I have many? Not anymore

Other things to help with Fibro:

  • Stress Reduction – while this may not be option – quit the job you don’t like. If it’s causing you stress, it’s causing you more pain – literally! Stress has a weird way of rearing its ugly head – I finally quit Corporate America in January 2016 and have been symptom free since then!
  • Exercise – yes, I know – but you’re in pain. Being a certified pet sitter and dog walker this has helped! And you’ll feel like you have more energy.
  • Meditation and Yoga – this was my saving grace with stress. Take a gentle yoga or stretching class. I was lucky my instructor was familiar with Fibro, and knew how to modify poses for me.
  • Arbonne – getting rid of chemicals not only in what I was eating, but what I was putting on my skin as well! Again, you’re detoxing… it’s not just all about the food… and with Arbonne banning 1400 chemical substances you know you are in good hands.

If anyone has specific questions they want to ask I really am an open book – please feel free to reach out to me. I only started sharing my story recently… mainly fear and acceptance – but at this point, I want to help others have a normally function life!