One of the most common things I am asked about are Fibromyalgia treatment alternatives. It’s one of the topics that circulates around the community a lot. Thankfully, there are a lot of things that you can try. We talk about just a few here, but we’ll have more for you at a later date. One of the best reasons to try these alternative treatments is not necessarily that they will work for you, but they have a chance to work for you. Any time when there’s the option of kicking fibro pain to the curb forever is an option you should try!

Ok, what are Fibromyalgia treatments?

Fibromyalgia is a very common health issue which is neurological in nature. It affects approximately 3.5% of this country’s population, primarily women. It tends to be a long-term illness which causes pain and tenderness in the joints and muscles of the body. It often makes a person feel very tired, and sometimes causes difficulty with sleeping. It’s also somewhat difficult to diagnose, and is often only indicated after other health problems have been ruled out. In conclusion, Fibromyalgia really sucks. Even after you have a diagnosis, it can be difficult to be happy about it since one treatment often doesn’t fully work. Essentially, treatment tends to be generic, somewhat ineffective, and difficult on a lot of bodies.

alternative fibromyalgia treatment

What alternative fibromyalgia treatment might actually work for me?

The symptoms caused by Fibromyalgia can be very intense at times, and they frequently cause significant disruption in the lives of those afflicted. First, Many people are obliged to quit their jobs or work on a part-time basis. Second, many activities which were once easy become very difficult and sometimes impossible. Living with Fibromyalgia can be very difficult at first and it often stays difficult for a lifetime. However, there is hope. Fibromyalgia treatment isn’t confined just to what doctors can do. Not because doctors don’t do a great job…they do. But sometimes – even as doctors say – you just have to take your life into your own hands and try something else. Here are a few things we suggest you try out to see if they help. You never know until you try!


Many Fibromyalgia patients rate massage as one of the most beneficial and helpful types of therapy. A skilled massage therapist can help relieve a great deal of pain, thereby lessening the need for medications. If nothing else, this is one of the most calming alternative fibromyalgia treatment options there is!  He/she can also improve your mood both during the session and for a considerable time afterward. Really, who doesn’t like a professional rubbing all of the right spots that are sore and achy? Sounds like an awesome Fibromyalgia treatment to me! Bonus if they have experience with Fibromyalgia patients and their needs!

There are various types of massage that a skilled practitioner can use to help a Fibromyalgia patient. They including neuro-muscular, Swedish massage, and deep-tissue massage. All of these incorporate the stroking of muscles and the application of pressure on those muscles in order to improve blood circulation and to eventually reduce soreness and muscle tension. I will say deep tissue may hurt initially. But, it will help you in the end by loosening up the muscles, giving you more flexibility and releasing the fascia. Make sure you stay HYDRATED before and after massage therapy!

Chiropractic treatment

The objective for chiropractic treatment is to relieve pain in a patient’s neck, shoulders, back, and at various other pressure points around the body. When successful, it can help the patient feel much less pain, and can improve mechanical movements in all those areas. This is a alternative fibromyalgia treatment that people often flock to, even if they don’t have chronic pain issues – adjustments can help in a number of ways! Therapy administered by a chiropractor involves gentle stretching or application of pressure in a specific area, and sometimes using quick thrusts to encourage the bones of the spine into a more normal position. Basically, it’s a massage…with purpose!

Adjustments such as these often improve your body’s mechanical operation, because bones are put into their ideal positions, and the process usually promotes better transmission of nerve signals throughout the body as well. Not only are your bones aligned, you muscles are then put into their optimal locations. In conclusion, aligned bone equals aligned muscles equals health happy body!Align them bones people!! Bodily harmony really does go a long way.


This alternative medical treatment may seem a bit scary at first, but there’s a lot of sound logic and medical history behind it. PLEASE NOTE: this is one of those times I have to mention that you should definitely consult a doctor before trying it out. By the gentle and accurate placement of slender needles into your skin at precise locations in the body, hormones called endorphins can be released into your system. Endorphins are known as the body’s natural formula for pain relief, so a greater concentration of them in your bloodstream will nearly always make you feel better. Who doesn’t need feel-good hormones?

A good acupuncture session may decrease pain effects for a Fibromyalgia patient that literally last for weeks beyond the treatment itself. So yeah, those needles coming at your body can be a little creepy, but many Fibro patients have experienced some really amazing results. Make sure to find an acupuncturist with autoimmune and Fibromyalgia experience (most do know what this is, so you should be good!)


Biofeedback can be very useful as a means of informing you about what’s happening in your own body, and using that information to help you manage anxiety and stress. They even have a lab at a college to help kids with stress in Arkansas! Special sensors can monitor heart rate, breathing patterns, perspiration rate, body temperature, and even your degree of muscle tension. When you make a conscious effort to relax, the readings for all of these areas will generally decrease. By learning how to control this process, you can literally train yourself to become less stressed, simply by applying your learned techniquesl. Over time, these techniques will become a habit, which we could all use more of (including me). Many Fibromyalgia patients have found this to be very useful treatment for reducing tenderness and sensitivity to pain, and for improving overall functionality.

But There are More Alternative Fibromyalgia Treatment Options…

In conclusion, These aren’t the only alternative Fibromyalgia treatment options I have for you. You’ll see some more coming up soon, but these are all worth a mention. If you haven’t tried them, do it! If you have, let me know how it worked out for you!

Need more alternatives? Let’s chat to see what you have tried, have not tried, and where you need more assistance!