Making healthy changes can feel overwhelming. On the one hand you want to live a healthier life and on the other, you don’t want to change. One of the simplest changes you can make is to give up soda for a month. 

It takes 21 days to form a new habit. 

The benefits you gain by ditching this fizzy drink can change your life. And in about a month, you can be free of your need for soda. Here are 8 reasons to give up soda for just a month. 

Gain Better Hydration

The biggest benefit you’ll get when you give up soda is hydration. Soda dehydrates your body and many drinkers use it in lieu of water. If you swap out the soda for water, your body will be better hydrated. Hydration impacts your skin, your hair, your energy, and even your sleep. 

Shrink Your Waistline 

Whether you drink diet soda or the full sugar version, your waistline will thank you when you give it up for a month. Many artificial sweeteners impact your metabolism in ways that cause your body to pack the pounds around your belly button. 

Smile Brighter

Dark sodas stain your teeth. Additionally, the carbon dioxide in the water erodes tooth enamel making you more susceptible to cavities. When you give up soda, you’ll improve your dental health. After your first month you could treat yourself with a tooth cleaning to celebrate your success. 

Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

Heart Disease kills around 655,000 people per year. That’s two people per minute. While there are many risk factors outside of your control, soda is one thing you can control to reduce your risk. 

Save Money

Soda costs have gone up especially in places that add more taxes to this unhealthy drink. Your wallet will thank you after a month of no sodas. Some people save as much as $100/month depending on how many they drink a day. What would you do with that extra money? 

Reduce Inflammation 

Whether your soda has sugar or an alternative they are both culprits that increase the inflammation in your body. Increased inflammation not only causes pain and joint stiffness, it can lead to other illnesses and diseases. Less inflammation improves your sleep, your focus, and your overall well being. 

Stabilize Your Energy Levels

Caffeine and sugar give our bodies an amazing rush. We feel like we can conquer the world. But when they leave our system, imagine it like a computer crash. Everything goes down, and we need a reboot. And how do we typically reboot? With more soda. Without this sugary, caffeine-filled drink, your energy and feel more balanced throughout the day. On the flip side, replacing soda with water can have a huge impact on how you feel throughout the day. 

Improve Your Mood 

How do you feel after a sugar crash or caffeine withdrawal? Most people are pretty grouchy. If you want less muddy outbursts in your own life, maybe it’s time to give up soda. 

Small changes over time yield big results. After just one month of giving up soda, tell us how you feel. We are here to cheer you on through your health journey. If you want to learn more about our health coaching programs, click here.