What can you do when you want more energy, better recovery from sickness, less joint pain, relief from headaches, and better digestion? Well, it’s not some magic pill and you’d probably be surprised to learn that you can get all these benefits and more simply by drinking enough water. If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve heard the old adage “you need to drink more water”. But has anyone stopped to tell you why it’s important to drink water? Aside from being a better option than soda or juice, water has significant health benefits. Here are the top 12 reasons to drink water.

Water has zero calories.

If you’re trying to drop the quarantine 15 in 2021, this is good news. You can drink more without cutting into your daily caloric budget. Add a squeeze of lemon if you want a refreshing burst of flavor.

water with lemon

Water helps you detox.

If you want your body to efficiently flush out toxins and all the extra holiday treats, fill it with water. A tall glass when you wake up each morning will prime your body right from the start of the day.


Water reduces headaches.

Did you know dehydration can make your brain hurt? One of the primary causes of headaches can be fixed without taking medications. All you need to do is drink enough water.


Water helps with recovery after exercise.

When you workout, your muscles produce a thing called lactic acid. Without enough water, it builds up in your muscles leaving you feeling extra sore the day or two after a workout. Therefore, it’s especially important to drink water during and after exercise if you want your muscles to bounce back more quickly. The water helps flush the lactic acid from your system.


Water helps you digest your food better.

When you fill your belly with only food, it takes a bit more time to digest. This can leave you feeling uncomfortable and bloated. Water gives the added benefits of helping everything mix a little better in your gut, helping it break down more easily.

It is important to drink water.

Water helps you absorb nutrients.

Did you know that many vitamins and minerals are water soluble? Drinking enough water not only helps your body break down the food but it also helps you intake more of the nutrients found in your food.


Water aids in weight loss.

Drinking more water is one of the easiest things you can do to lose weight. A hydrated body is a happy body. When your cells have everything they need, they are better able to break down fats, build muscle, and get rid of the extra pounds. Your metabolism will be more efficient and effective.


Water makes your skin look better.

Everyone wants a magic pill to help them look youthful longer. It turns out that water is a powerful option that makes your skin look and feel softer and smoother. Dehydration will make your skin rougher and will enhance creases and wrinkles.


Water improves your joint health.

Water is a natural lubricant. This is vital when it comes to your joints because they function better when they are well lubricated. The better the lubrication, the less pain you’ll experience.

Drink more water for better health.

Water assists with body temperature regulation.

Are you always cold or always hot? Do you find it hard to feel comfortable? Water can help. When you’re well hydrated your body better regulates your internal temperature.


Water helps you sleep.

This may sound counterintuitive, but when you get enough water throughout the day, your body sleeps better at night. Many people like to cut off their water intake 2-3 hours before bed though so they aren’t up all night peeing. When you sleep well, you feel better and more energized the next day.

Water boosts your kidney health.

Your kidneys have a hard job of removing waste and toxins from your body. Don’t make it harder on them. It’s important to drink water if you want better kidney function. Water reduces your chances of getting kidney stones as well.


Water is a powerful tool in your health arsenal. It’s important to drink water if you want to look, feel, and stay healthy all year long. Start the new year off with more water, more sleep, and a health coach to help you discover more ways to improve your health.