I’m Michelle Cox,

an Autoimmune Health Coach.

I help individuals balance their health and wellness so they can be their best selves despite their diagnosis!

How Can I Help You?

Hello and Welcome! I’m Michelle Cox – Your Reliable Source for all things health and wellness!

I have an advanced work background, ultimately leading me to finding my true passions and working with people who are ready for a healthy happy life!

My past work as an Emergency Medical Technician made me realize my passion in working one on one with others, and my work in customer service made me realize how much I missed those face to face interactions with my customers. This finally led me to become a Healthy Living Lifestyle Coach in May of 2016. I absolutely love helping others find their healthy living lifestyle, doing extensive research on health and wellness, and networking and helping others find what they need to make this their best life ever!

Blog Posts

Fibromyalgia and 30 Days to Healthy Plan

Fibromyalgia and 30 Days to Healthy Plan

Fibromyalgia is on the rise in our country. More and more so, I'm seeing on my networking sites about testimonies with how the 30 Days to Healthy program has helped Fibromyalgia. I decided to write up my testimony and have sent it to over 20 people in just the past...

Most Common Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Most Common Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Fibromyalgia symptoms can be exhausting. It's not a simple one set of symptoms. It can be multiple symptoms, which can present differently, and even cause misdiagnosis. But here are the most common symptoms patients can experience: Widespread Pain Typically the pain...